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 Lupuss, Mage 70 (Accepted)

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PostSubject: Lupuss, Mage 70 (Accepted)   Sun Oct 28, 2007 5:54 pm

Character's name : Lupuss
Race and class : Human, Mage
Current level: 70
Current server (You may skip this line if you are currently on Ravenholdt) :
Profession(s) : Amy,
How are you specced? How do you intend to be specced in raid? : Im Full Arcane and 2 talents in frost, for raiting. with my gear is Arnae the bedst for raid Kara and gruul's. im frost in arena.
Would you be willing to change your build for the guild? : nop, i play arcane coz my gear is to arcane and i like playing with it. i wil change if someone give me a REALLY goor reason to change.
What is your current /played? : 61 days and 8 hr's

Some informations about yourself
What is your real name? : Rasmus

How old are you? : 19

In which country do you live? : Denmark

How well can you type and understand English? : my english is fine. i understand what ppls speak about and can talk it without any problems.

How often can you play World of Warcraft (typical weekly playtime and which hours)? :5 days at the week, 4 or more hr's at the day.

Is there a Extinction member who can vouch for you ? Darmelius, Xanadu

What are your previous raiding experiences (Including the pre-61 raids like MC, Bwl, ect...)? i where in MC and ZG pre.. but well i have bin in kara over 50 times and doen it all. and i have got gruul's down 7 times. and kazzak 4 times.

Have you been some other guilds? Which one(s)? Why did you leave it (them)?
im in sacred flame, i leav coz of bad leaderchip. im an old TaP mage- the guiled died.

Post a link to a profile so we can see your equipment, or post your equipment along with your application!
What are your Reputations:
Cenarion Expedition: honored
Honor Hold: exalted
Lower City: exalted
Sha'tar: honored
Keepers Of Time: exalted

Why you want to join Extinction, what type of guild you´re looking for, and what are you looking for in a guild? coz Ernbrecth, Darmelius, Xanadu, Manid and alot of all other cool and nice guys are in the guild and some of them are my frinds.
im looking for a guild there raid and have a nice frindchip and a REAL leader, and not just someone from the raid group.

What are your goals in wow, what do you want to achieve and how long do you plan to keep playing? yes yes yes i cant sop playing wow. Twisted Evil
World Of Warcraft is good!
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PostSubject: Re: Lupuss, Mage 70 (Accepted)   Sun Oct 28, 2007 6:02 pm

Vouching this one too pig great Pvp'er and has nice gear, ex tap too santa
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PostSubject: Re: Lupuss, Mage 70 (Accepted)   Sun Oct 28, 2007 6:15 pm

Same From me, he is good Mage, knows what to do and when.

Vouch for him too.
old School TAP! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Lupuss, Mage 70 (Accepted)   Sun Oct 28, 2007 6:42 pm

Hello there Lupuss

Gear is good/damage aswell

U had experience with old TAP, but still i'm sorry to tell u this

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PostSubject: Re: Lupuss, Mage 70 (Accepted)   

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Lupuss, Mage 70 (Accepted)
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