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 Hydros Resistance Gear

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PostSubject: Hydros Resistance Gear   Wed Jan 09, 2008 12:58 pm

Topic says all. By some calculations, for 2 fully (One Nature one Frost ressitance Gear) we need :


24 Khorium Bars
24 Felsteel Bars
36 Primal Water
36 Primal Fire
36 Primal Life
36 Primal Shadow


2 Khorium Bars
6 Felsteel Bars
10 Mercurial Adamantite
10 Primal Water
6 Primal fire
10 Primal Life
12 Primal Shadow

Dont Remember how much Ressistance it will give in total (I think around 350, maybe more), but we need to Get those up. Plus we need to equip OT's with around 190 Ressitance each. So its More.
Me personaly will check my Bank for Posible Motes. Would be nice to Keep Track of those.

Any BS/JC comments would be nice here.
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Hydros Resistance Gear
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